Blogging to MT 4.1 from Word 2007

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I'm hosting my blog with Yahoo! small business services, and using MovableType 4.1 (which I manually upgraded because Yahoo! refused to update their install despite huge outcries). After moving to the 2007 version of Word and OneNote, I noticed that they now have integrated blogging support. This sounded really cool because it would allow me to blog using the tools and workflow that I'm accustomed to. To set up Word with MovableType, you have to configure it to use the MetaWebLog API. This protocol requires the calls to be authenticated; however, you can't use your normal password to do this. You have to create and use a separate password specifically for making Web service calls. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the Web-based UI of MovableType, navigate to the Edit Profile page for your user account by selecting "Hi username" in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. In this section, set the preferred Web services password.

  3. In Word, open the New Blog Account dialog box and choose Other.

  4. In the New Account dialog box, select the MetaWebLog API from the associated dropdown box, enter the URL to the mt-xmlrpc.cgi script, enter your user name, and the Web-service-specific password that was created earlier.

  5. Click Picture Options and select My blog provider in the Picture provider dropdown list.

One thing I found is that if the blog entry is saved in compatibility mode (i.e., as a DOC file rather than a DOCX file), the Home Page, Insert Category, and Open Existing buttons on the ribbon will be disabled. You have to save the entry as a DOCX file to be able to later user these features.