DAM is Ascending to the Cloud

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North Plains' announcement earlier this month that they their DAM solution, TeleScope, is now being offered as a service in the cloud.  Some market analysts are saying that running DAM in the cloud isn't for everyone (yet?), but I've heard that 10% of the market is ready now (10% * 1/2B= 50M).  North Plains isn't alone is providing DAM SaaS.  Widen is doing it too (as their VP of marketing describes in this video).  To relieve concerns about uploading assets to the cloud, they have created an appliance that runs within a customer's facility, allowing their assets to remain local, but is maintained by Widen remotely.  Besides these two DAM vendors, ClearStory just announced that they are getting into the SaaS market too with ActiveMedia

Cloud computing is quickly coming to the forefront even in a market that is full of paranoid companies, requires specialized hardware, and is characterized by extremely large media files. It's only a matter of time!