New WCF-Related Releases on the Horizon

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There is a lot of new stuff coming down the pike that WCF developers will want to be aware of. Here's a shortlist that I've put together from various corners of the Net:

Programming WCF Services 2nd ed.

Juval Lowy's book on WCF that we've all read will be updated in November according to O'Reilly's Upcoming Title list. I wonder if he'll revise his stance on message contracts in the new edition.

Learning WCF 2nd ed.

Michele Leroux Bustamante was recently interviewed on .NET Rocks, and she said in that conversation that a new edition of her book is in the works. It isn't yes listed as an upcoming title on the publisher's site though.

New Edition of WCF Security Guidance

According to this roadmap document on MSDN, a new edition of the WCF Security Guidance e-book is due out next month. This strikes me as odd since the one that currently available on CodePlex is only two months old. I've posted a question on the community's forum to get some clarification, but haven't received a response yet.

Enterprise Library 4.1 and Unity 1.2

At the end of July, the entlib team started working on version 4.1 which would integrate Unity more deeply into the toolkit among other things. According to this roadmap and this page on MSDN, the work should be wrapping up this month.

Oslo CTP

Next week at PDC, Microsoft will let us see the first beta of Oslo. I don't know if the beta will be made available only to PDC attendees with a CTP to follow thereafter (kinda like they did with .NET way back in the day) or if the bits will be broadly available from the outset. If I find out more specifics, I'll update this post.

I'm sure there are other noteworthy, WCF-related releases coming soon. If you're aware of any, please post a comment.