Effort to Converge WS-Eventing and WS-Notification has Ceased

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In a lecture this afternoon presented by Microsoft Technical Fellow, John Shewchuk, on .NET Services, he said that the eventing protocol supported by the forth coming, cloud-based Internet Service Bus (ISB) would conform to a recognized standard.  When I inquired as to which specification was being implemented, he said that it was WS-Eventing.  I was surprised, thinking that it would be the converged protocol, WS-EventNotification (PDF), which was supposedly underway.  He explained to me that that effort was abandoned.  This was confirmed in a report I found from the EPTS Event Processing Symposium held in September where Chris Ferris of IBM said that the joint effort to merge the two competing standards had ended.

My questions after hearing this are these:

  1. Does this mean that the two standards will continue to compete?
  2. Will IBM support WS-Eventing in its products instead of or in addition to WS-Notification?
  3. Why was the convergence effort abandoned?

Eventing in a service bus, especially one of the Internet persuasion, is a major component.  Integrating on premises services with those running in the cloud via the ISB will require that they understand the eventing protocol of the bus.  This isn't a problem for WCF services, just switch to the *Relay*Binding and you're good to go.  But, what about existing non-WCF clients and services that want to get on the bus?  They will have to understand WS-Eventing to send/receive notifications.  This will mean that all applications using WS-Notification will have to be updated to or excluded from sending/receiving notifications via this new ISB.  This is a big deal since many Java-based and IBM-based services are using WS-Notification not WS-Eventing.