Keeping up on Cloud Computing News

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There's a lot happening related to cloud computing these days.  To help stay on top of it all, check out Alltop's virtual cloud computing magazine rack.  What other sources of current events are others finding useful?

[Updated Jan. 27, 2009] Since posting this entry, I don't think that I've looked at Alltop's cloud computing "magazine" once.  It's just too far beyond my peripheral vision.  However, I was stuck by the human-compiled list of top bloggers and knew that there was a lot of good info in those blogs.  What to do?  I could copy and paste all them into Google Reader, but that would take a lot of time and then I'd be swamped by all the new info.  Instead, I exported Alltop's list of blogs as an OPML document by appending /opml to the URL of the cloud computing section of their site.  Then, I imported that XML document into PostRank, and configured it to include only the greatest entries from them all.  This reduced the noice a lot.  The final result is one feed that contains the greatest entries on all the blogs that a group of folks over in Hawaii have deemed the very best in cloud computing.  If you would like to subscribe to it, point your feed reader over here.

Now, I just need to find or build a service that will automatically keep Alltop and PostRank in sync.  Anyone know of such a service?