Service to Create Feeds by Scraping HTML

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Every time I'm here in Sweden my sister-in-law has some new tidbit of info about the Cardigans that she learned in some Swedish newspaper or magazine.  On the other side of the world, I don't hear as much about this band as I would if I lived in their backyard like she does.  Wanting to keep up on the latest, I figured I would subscribe to their blog.  To my surprise, the band's site wasn't syndicated!  It seems as if Sweden hasn't been hit by the whole Web 2.0/social networking phenomenon yet (at least not to the degree that America has).  No one that I know over here has heard of Twitter, no one I know is blogging, and famous Swedish bands aren't syndicating their sites.

Not willing to fall behind again, I found a great service called Feed43 that allows you to parse the HTML of a site that doesn't have a feed in order to create one.  In just a few minutes, I used this service to turn the Cardigan's site into a news feed, and was reading all the latest news in Google Reader.  In case you haven't been keeping up the Swedish rockers' current events, feel free to use the feed I made.