Sources of Info on Geneva Framework, Server, and Cardspace

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In early 2007, I started using WCF on a daily basis while it and Visual Studio 2008 were still in beta.  It was great to get the jump on that technology, but it was really hard to find information when I bumped up against bugs or uncertainties.  Now, two years later, I find myself in the same boat again, but this time with Geneva.  Right now there isn't much info coming out of Redmond, but this is the time I need it not in 11 months when this stuff RTMs.  For this reason, I decided to start collecting all the useful sources of information that I've found related to Geneva framework, server, and Cardspace.

Sources of Information to Get Started

Before you do anything, check out these documents and videos:

Obscure Information

Once you've read and reread the above like 50 times, and you're totally desperate for more info, check out these feeds:

Bloggers Talking About Geneva

I'll update this list as I find more.  If you have some pearls, please post a comment with a link.