Animated Explanation of the Identity Provider Discovery Profile

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I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the last two presentations I've uploaded about SAML:
Thanks to all those who shared their thoughts.  You're why I write this blog :-)

In preparation for my upcoming talk at the Portland OWASP group about federation and SAML, I decided to dig in a bit more to the Identity Provider Discovery Profile.  This profile loosely defines a way to do home realm discovery.  It lays out a solution that is probably only used by really big organizations, but I feel that it's good to know it just in case I need it one day.  If you're like me and want to understand the details of SAML and federation, download this intuitive, animated presentation showing one way to implement this profile.  Note that I said one way.  This part of the spec is pretty open and allows for a lot of variation.  Also, unlike the other PowerPoints I've done recently, this one includes notes on each slide to help explain what all the arrows mean.

If you would like to use this PPT to explain SAML to your friends and family, feel free.  Ditto for more professional uses ;-)  I just ask that you give me credit and leave my name on the deck.

As always, if you have thoughts, comments, or questions, feel free to leave them here or by getting in touch with me.  Happy federating and see you at OWASP next week.