Cloud Identity Summit 2010 -- Day 3

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The final day of the Cloud Identity Summit was great. I missed Andrew Nash and Chuck Mortimore unfortunately, but I did get a chance to hear John Shewchuk talk about what he and his colleagues at Microsoft think identity may look like in 2020. In his talk, he listed some requirements to achieve the sort of identity-related scenarios they are envisioning for the next 10 years. Here's a summary:

  1. Support for rich identities
  2. Existence of a multifaceted federated profiles
  3. Flexible authentication that includes new factors (e.g., visual, voice, etc.)
  4. Flexible access control
With these, we may see, Shewchuk said, things like TVs that can recognize that a family is watching and recommend shows that are appropriate and preferred by both the parents and the children. When the kids go to bed, the TV will see that they are gone, and suggest shows that include more mature content.

This sounds very exciting, but this sort of technology has a lot of other applications that are not as exciting to me. The possibility of marketers using this rich identity data and profile information to target our society with tailored messages could radically alter our culture. Me and my colleague, Andy Phenix, talked about this in great depth on the way down the mountain. It was a thought provoking and stimulating conversation that was a great conclusion to the week-long identity dialogue.

Thanks to the sponsors, organizers, and, most of all, to the other attendees that made it such a wonderful time!