Moving to Sweden

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I never write about personal things on this blog, but I'm making an exception here because I'm on the verge of a major life change that I thought some readers might be interested in knowing about.

After graduating from high school, I lived and studied in England for a couple of years. During that time, I met a young woman from Sweden who I married shortly after. We then moved to the States, where I'm from, to finish our educations and start our life together. More than a decade later, we now have two small babies which has caused us to reconsider our decision about where to live. Now that I'm (more or less) done w/ my master's, we have decided to move to Sweden. Our stuff shipped out in a container three weeks ago and we fly out in a couple days! To keep busy over there, I have accepted a position w/ Ping Identity and will be working for their CTO as a sr. technical architect. We are really excited to go and very grateful to our friends and family in Portland who have enriched our lives while we've lived here.

Next post from Sweden :-)