February 2013 Archives

I'll be heading up to Stockholm next week where I'll be presenting on BYOD. I'll be joined by others from StjärnaFyrkant, Ping Identity, PwC, Nokia, Sony, Telia, UnboundID, and my colleagues from Twobo. (I think some of the guys from Axiomatics will be around too.) You can find the full agenda here. My session is entitled "Turning your Organization into a Platform: Securely exposing data to apps running on employees' devices." During my talk, I'll present on how social media, mobile, cloud, and big data are having a "platformification effect" on organizations, forcing them to open up data and processes in new ways. I'll give a few examples of orgs who have done this, including my favorite, Pearson. As organizations undergo this shift, it is important that the APIs which they expose take into account the identity of the user who invokes them. Coupling this w/ information about the app/client, location, device, and other context, organizations can make calculated decisions about whether or not they should return the requested resources or not. In this way, BYOD and COPE are irrelevant. What's relevant is who the user is and what they are allowed to do in a given situation. I explained this in more detail in a whitepaper that you can find on Twobo's site (in English and Swedish). I also blogged about this on Mashup.se a few weeks ago, so check there for a bit more detail. The event is February 21, and it starts at 12:00 w/ lunch. So, come in time to grab a bite and talk about how BYOD is effecting Europe and beyond. Attendance is free, and you can find directions here.

Next month, at Nordic APIs in Stockholm, I'll also be giving a very exciting presentation about some innovative new things that we're doing at Twobo with the Janrain API. During my talk, I'll show how organizations can safely and securely use this service to integrate social media into their Web site as well as to publish back to them using a single API. I'll show how Janrain's service can be used with SiteMinder from CA to ensure that only authorized users gain access to sensitive parts of a Web site. What I'll demo allows Web site operators to uniformly consume anonymous, social and more trusted identities that are unaffected by the use or implementation of any particular upstream social network. I'll also show how Web site operators can combine Janrain's social media aggregation API and our integration with SiteMinder with other third-party tools, like Google Analytics, to use social more effectively. This event will be on March 21 at Jayway's office in downtown Stockholm. We'll be joined by presenters from Dopter, Jayway, Ping Identity, and Radio Sweden. We'll start w/ lunch at 12:00 and go till at least 16:00. (We might be joined by one or two more companies, so we may go till 17:00.) The event is free, and we are almost booked up, so RSVP today! More details on the agenda, speakers, etc. can be found on the Nordic APIs Web site.

[Disclosure: Twobo, my company, has a commercial relationship with Ping Identity, StjärnaFyrkant, UnboundID, Jayway, Dopter, CA, and Axiomatics; it also has an interest in both of these events.]